Reliv Success Story

A Whole New World

Name: Colleen Cope

Hometown: QLD, Australia

“Over the past few years my lifestyle has improved greatly with my earnings from Reliv,” says Senior Director Colleen Cope of Ipswich, Queensland. “There is no way my regular income would have stretched to any of the wonderful trips or lovely extras I now enjoy. Attending the Financial Freedom Summit in Victoria starts off a promising year ahead for Colleen, with the Senior Director workshop in the NSW Blue Mountains the following month — all paid by Reliv.


Colleen says that Reliv is satisfying and rewarding work. “Talking to lots of people, I’ve made many friends along the way,” she says. “It’s a great feeling to help people get what they want and improve their lives. Working as a team is both more enjoyable and easier, making individual goals less daunting. The support from the group was a real help in achieving Senior Director.


“With Reliv I have a fantastic life, my health is great and I’ve developed personally,” she continues. “For me, Reliv has opened up a whole new world.”


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Colleen Cope Reliv Success Story