Reliv Product Reviews

Prevention & Performance

Name: Daniel D'Ambrosio

Hometown: NSW, Australia

Reliv is an integral part of my life, without it I cannot function the way I want. Initially I had some amazing results with glandular fever but now it's all about prevention and performance. To me, Reliv is about optimum performance. My training week includes running, ocean swimming, surf paddling, weight training and yoga. My ability to recover efficiently and train harder is only possible because of Reliv, I don't take anything else.

On top of other study commitments and volunteer work at the surf club I cannot afford to be run down, tired or sick. Thankfully illness or lack of energy and focus are not an issue and I cannot remember the last time that I was sick, which is not something most people can honestly say. As a personal trainer, despite the early mornings I need to be on the ball all day, every day.


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