Reliv Product Reviews

Being Well & Living Well

Name: Gwen McNaught
Hometown: Perth, WA
Reliv Regimen: Reliv Nourish, A-affect, FibRestore, ReShape, ReversAge and Innergize!

When a friend introduced me to Reliv 23 years ago I thought I was fit and healthy. However, once I started enjoying the Reliv products it was so noticeable that I had more energy and no longer had sugar cravings for cakes and chocolates. People around me wanted Reliv too.

Every day I enjoy the goodness of a Reliv Nourish, A-affect, Fibrestore and Innergize shake which helps maintain my good health and gives me ongoing energy throughout the day. I also replace an occasional meal with ReShape or have it of an afternoon instead of snacking.

I love to travel and Reliv has given me the mobility, energy and income opportunities to do so whenever I choose. Flying over Cape York Peninsula in a Helicopter while on an Air Tour around Outback Queensland was the highlight from my most recent trip!

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