Reliv Success Story

Big Bonuses

Name: Ian & Judy King

Hometown: Tasmania, Australia

Making time: My husband and I joined Reliv in May 2012 to earn some extra income. We run a dairy farm that is a seven-day-a-week job. Fortunately, Reliv happens while you live your life. Look at your calendar and mark off all those times you can’t do Reliv. You’ll be surprised by how many little chunks of time you still have available. And those little chunks are all it takes to get started.


Big bonuses: At the very beginning I didn’t work at it very hard, but after a few months I got people together and held some presentations and through this we achieved a $485 bonus and awards. From there I have been steadily building our business, earning all-expenses paid trips and weekly bonuses through the Facebook promotions.


So much to look forward to: Recently we won our way to Thailand. I’m really looking forward to riding an elephant and shopping up a storm. We have also earned a Reliv cheque every month since starting our Reliv business, I’ll always promote Reliv wherever I am."


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