Reliv Success Story

Budget Booster

Name: Jay Macaraeg

Hometown: NSW, Australia
Through sharing Reliv part-time, Jay Macaraeg of South Coogee, NSW, says her life has changed wonderfully. A single mother working full time in the finance industry, Jay gained great overall health benefits from Reliv nutrition and now has an exciting international business with Distributors in many countries.

“Reliv earnings have helped my day-to-day budget, especially contributing to my daughter’s dancing expenses with classes, costumes and shoes,” Jay says. “It’s the little things like growing feet which can dent the budget when least expected.”

Always a believer in the benefits of good nutrition, Jay’s interest in the business was there from the start. But the greatest inspiration came at the 20th Anniversary International Conference in St Louis, where she saw the huge potential on a worldwide scale. “This gave me a stronger belief in the role of building my business and making a real difference in the world,” she says.


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Jay Macaraeg Reliv Success Story