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Reliv Athlete

Name: Jono Jackson

Hometown: Epsom, New Zealand

Reliv Regimen: Reliv Nourish, Innergize!

Competing in track and field middle distance running, with anything from 1500m to 10kms, consistent training is important. It’s meant a lot to me to have confidence in my health, knowing I’m giving my body all it needs with the best nourishment possible. I’ve used other supplements before however Reliv nutrition is simple and effective.

Qualifying for the 2016 Boston Marathon was a very exciting step to take in my marathon career and enabled me to progress my time and performance on an international stage. One of my biggest dreams is to tick off all six of the Majors, and Boston is the first rung on that ladder.

Reliv Innergize and Nourish gives me the fuel and nutrition I need to recover and restore my body from the beating that an elite marathon training regime entails.

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