Reliv Product Reviews

Mental Clarity 

Name: Kathleen Guevara

Hometown: VIC, Australia

“Experiencing energy all day, seven days a week, I’m still amazed at the positive changes in my body which keep happening even after ten years on Reliv nutrition,” says Master Affiliate, Kathleen Guevara of Mulgrave, Victoria. “Now I have energy to go running in the mornings – something I hadn’t done since my early 20’s!

“Working full time in a personal assistant role to a very busy University Deputy Dean is rewarding and quite demanding intellectually and I feel Reliv nutrition has helped with mental clarity and improved memory. With an alert mind, I’m also able to focus on other enjoyable pursuits such as learning French again.

“My skin appears smoother and softer using the R Collection skincare range. I wanted to give my skin the best care possible so I’m working from both the outside as well as inside with nutrition.”


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