Reliv Success Story

Autoship to Success

Name: Kilisitina Finau

Hometown: Waitakere, New Zealand

Exciting beginnings: I responded to a business ad in the newspaper as I had been working at a chicken company for 15 years with not much to show for it. When I was presented with the Reliv business opportunity - being able to work from home and helping people with their health and finances - I was excited. My husband Siaki and I have two young children aged six and three and I was looking for a business that would allow me to spend more time with my kids.

Success system: I joined Reliv in December 2012 and started sharing the Reliv opportunity and products with everyone I knew. My sponsor came with me on appointments and taught me the importance of the Reliv Success System, including two on one appointments and attending the weekly meetings and training.  My enthusiasm for the business and my own great results with the Reliv products – I dropped from a size 30 to a size 20 – has helped me sponsor over 70 Distributors and Preferred Customers. Everyone I sign up I automatically enrol on autoship, as that is what I did when I joined and I just duplicate what my sponsor did with me.

Wining my way: Not long after I joined Reliv, my sponsor encouraged me to go for a promotion to win my way to the Reliv International conference in the USA. He made it sound achievable and I thought ‘I can do this, I can sponsor lots of people’. It’s quite ironic that in less than six months with Reliv I achieved a free trip to the USA, yet I worked for a company for 15 years….

I have won many trips since and enjoy meeting the other Reliv business builders around the world. Reliv has also allowed me to visit my family who are spread all over the world, which is an added bonus. I am so happy Reliv came into my life.


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Kilisitina Finau Reliv Success Story