Reliv Success Story

Inspired to Work

Name: Lorna & Edwin Antonio

Hometown: NSW, Australia

“Reliv earnings have greatly enhanced our lifestyle and outlook on life. The Reliv products and business worked so well that it didn’t take long before many other people noticed what we had and wanted it too!,” say 6-Star Key Directors Lorna and Edwin Antonio of Blair Athol, NSW. “Reliv is a very rewarding business we do part-time but with wholehearted dedication, giving us the freedom to choose to take breaks when we want to — this is what we love about Reliv. Winning the trip to Bali in 2014, then Phuket in 2015, is proof that having a goal, a clear purpose and vision, is really powerful because it's what makes you take action!"

Reliv continues to recharge the Antonios. “The better we feel, the more people we help; and the more people we help, the more inspired we are to work — that’s how income happens,” Lorna says.


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Lorna & Edwin Antonio Reliv Success Story