Reliv Success Story

Friends Never Give Up

Name: Lyn Kelly

Hometown: QLD, Australia
“Over five years ago, experiencing complications with Type 1 Diabetes and already in ‘forced’ retirement, Lyn Kelly of Basin Pocket, Queensland, accepted the bleak medical predictions for the future. “Running out of options, I agreed to the offer from a couple of friends who had tried to show me Reliv for over a decade,” Lyn says. “As I continued to take my daily Reliv shakes, my general health kept improving.”

"At first Lyn was telling only family and friends about Reliv. She says she did not consider Reliv a real business. “But the business crept up on me and expanded,” she says. “Before I realised, I’d promoted a couple of Master Affiliates! Encouraged by my upline, I got my running shoes on ‘to get serious,’” says Lyn. “With Reliv, I have renewed good health, a fun business, extra income and wonderful new friends.”


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Lyn Kelly Reliv Success Story