Reliv Product Reviews

Allergy Relief

Name: Lynne Culph

Hometown: VIC, Australia

Chronic Allergies: Reliv came into my life over 25 years ago when my own health was severely compromised. I was a chronic allergy sufferer for most of my life and had been hospitalised for six weeks at one stage because my eczema was so bad. I was rapidly becoming allergic to everything I was touching or using on a regular basis. I was told I had the worst case of food allergies the hospital had ever seen, and had a very restricted diet. The allergies soon turned to chemicals, then the environment, and I was told my prognosis was to eventually live in a bubble away from everything I was rapidly becoming allergic to.

Energy Back: I had lived on medication for many years, high doses of steroids and I’d lost count of the alternative treatments I’d tried over the years. I was already supplementing my diet, but after three days trying Reliv products I got some of my energy back, which was wonderful as I hadn’t had energy for years. After six months enjoying the product I was medication free, and have been ever since. I am now 65 and feel better than when I was 35.

What a Wonderful Way to Earn an Income: For quite a time I didn’t want anything to do with the business.  I had two other businesses and those kept me very busy. But because the products are so effective and people noticed me and my family’s continuing good health, people wanted what we had and the Reliv business was happening without me putting in very much effort. As a result of the Reliv business I have travelled the world and made lifelong friends everywhere I’ve been.

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