Reliv Success Story

Consistency Rewards

Name: Margaret D'Ambrosio

Hometown: NSW, Australia
“Follow-up has been a major factor in our success in Reliv, and rewards us in many ways,” says Key Director Margaret D’Ambrosio of South Coogee, NSW. “This year to date we achieved the $1,000 cash bonus in five of the seven months the Reliv monthly promotion had been running. We’ve worked consistently putting in the time to share what we believe is a wonderful product and opportunity. The fact we’ve added $5,000 to our earnings this year for doing something we’ve always done is a real bonus.

“There has never been a better time to share the value of good nutrition with Reliv than right now. Nutrition and wellbeing play a major role in our lives and the fast pace of life, plus the constant exposure to contagious viruses, make Reliv a sound investment for good health. In fact, Reliv’s really a great investment all round!”


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Margaret D'Ambrosio Reliv Success Story