Reliv Success Story

Party to Success

Name: Margaret Wickham

Hometown: VIC, Australia
As another enjoyable way of doing the Reliv business, in-home parties are becoming more favoured as a fun way to socialise and meet new friends. According to Ambassador Margaret Wickham of Mitcham, Victoria, promoting shake parties is stirring an interest in Reliv from a new perspective. “Consistently taking Reliv nutrition for some time, many of my existing customers had no interest in coming to a Reliv presentation,” she notes. “But they eagerly came to a shake party. This is an inspirational business with huge potential,” adds Margaret. “At times like this, when the media is talking up the hard times, Reliv businesses traditionally do well. ”

“When people see how easy it is to earn extra income, they can’t wait to join in the business,” she notes. “There’s no room for recession in our thinking, just success.”


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Margaret Wickham Reliv Success Story