Reliv Success Story

Consistency + Teamwork = Success

Name: Marilyn & Ralph Pritchard

Hometown: NSW, Australia

Marilyn and Ralph Pritchard chose Reliv in 1993 because they felt Reliv could give them freedom, income, time with their family, good health and a better lifestyle overall. Since that time the Pritchards say Reliv has provided all of these things and more.

“The Reliv travel rewards alone have been life-changing,” notes Ralph. “Through consistently sharing Reliv, we’ve earned almost a trip per year to exotic locations around the world, including Rome, London, the USA, Bali, New Zealand, Fiji and Southeast Asia. That’s not to mention resorts within Australia, such as Hamilton Island, Ayres Rock and Port Douglas,” he continues.

“We’re thrilled to be Ambassadors — a goal that has always been in our hearts,” adds Ralph. “And we’re thankful for all the support from the wonderful people who make up our downline and upline.”


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Marilyn & Ralph Pritchard Reliv Success Story