Reliv Success Story

Freedom of Rewards

Name: May Copland

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

A new business venture: I started with Reliv in 1992 for a new business venture – to make money. I didn’t want to be on a pension when I reached retirement age. By 1996 I had stopped working full time to concentrate on Reliv. 

What a difference: Since then Reliv has made a huge difference in my life. When came into the Reliv business I had two children and a little house and I was wondering how to make ends meet as a solo mother. Thanks to Reliv I now have three properties in Auckland city and I continue to invest my Reliv income into property. I’ve enjoyed many all expenses paid overseas trips, like the recent trip to Bali, staying in 5 star accommodation - I can tell you, my life is wonderful!

Living my life: There is however, more to this business than making money. I love what I do - meeting new people, travelling, and teaching others.  I also enjoy the lifestyle – if I want to go somewhere, I can. Reliv keeps me healthy and Reliv keeps me young. And I have the freedom to choose how I want to live my life!


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May Copland Reliv Success Story