Reliv Success Story

Serious Business

Name: Nathan Goodhue

Hometown: Waitakere, New Zealand
“Reliv is a serious business,” says Master Director Nathan Goodhue of Auckland, New Zealand. Last year Reliv New Zealand produced the second highest percentage growth over the previous year’s sales among all Reliv markets. “Being part of that growth with a worldwide group of almost 750 Distributors has helped protect my income from negative economic forces,” adds Nathan. Working Reliv full time, Nathan has developed an international business by helping a lot of people do a little. “However, it’s up to each person to run their business the way they want,” he explains.

“Reliv is a serious business, but I have a lot of fun doing it. Along with the enjoyment of touring, Reliv also gives me a serious business proposition to show others — it’s there for everyone!”


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Nathan Goodhue Reliv Success Story