Reliv Success Story

My Best Asset

Name: Pamela Wakefield-Semmens

Hometown: VIC, Australia
“I thought I might be able to earn enough from my Reliv business to pay for the family’s personal nutrition — we were getting such great health benefits,” says Director Pamela Wakefield-Semmens, of Wantirna South, Victoria. “Back then my first cheque gave me a small, excited laugh. Now two years later I’m earning a $1,000 income every month, plus my retail profit. Now that’s exciting!


As a psychologist working in clinical and coaching settings, and a Certified Practicing Accountant with a background in corporate consulting, I’m fully aware of indicators of a successful company (ethics, integrity, longevity and growth). Network marketing was definitely a viable option as a channel of distribution. And as a life coach, I was conscious of the importance of empowering others to succeed, starting with their own health and wellbeing.


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Pamela Wakefield-Semmens Reliv Success Story