Reliv Product Reviews

Gift of Good Health

Name: Stephanie Semmens

Hometown: Adelaide, South Australia

Deteriorating health: I’m a registered nurse from South Australia. Returning back home from living in the Middle East for 26 years, I noticed my health had generally deteriorated. I was experiencing aches and pains all over, had reflux and was lacking energy. My sister introduced me to the Reliv products. I’ve been taking the products for seven years now and my health has really bounced back.

Top nutrition: I had previously supplemented my diet with multivitamin tablets but found they were not effective. With Reliv powdered nutrition, I know I’m receiving the full benefits with the combination of vitamins, minerals, protein and herbs, I’m full of energy, I feel like I’m in my thirties and I will take the products forever!

The gift of good health: By sharing the gift of good health with everyone I meet, I’ve won my way to Bali and Thailand. I look forward to what the future holds with Reliv in my life. Reliv is my insurance for good health and wellbeing!


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