Reliv Success Story

I Won my Way!

Name: Taylor Ulufonua

Hometown: Whakatane, New Zealand

"I understood the power of Reliv products because I did forty years of research and the people here in Whakatane using the products were always happy with ther results. I joined the business as a Master Affiliate and it took me the first couple of months to get my head around everything; understanding how to share with people and signing them up. Then the Win Your Way to the International Conference promotion came up and I thought that would be cool to win my way to America" said Taylor Ulufonua.

"As I started to understand the business more I realised the benefits of finding Master Affiliates and helping them sponsor
at least three Distributors each. It was hard going at times but because I was clearly focussed on my goal, I ended up winning my way!"


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Taylor Ulufonua Reliv Success Story