Reliv Product Reviews

Recovery After Knee Surgery

Name: Terry Owens

Hometown: TAS, Australia

Knee surgery: I have been enjoying my Reliv nutritional regimen of Reliv Nourish, Innergize! FibRestore, A-affect and ReversAge consistently every day for 18 months. I’m 63 years old and I recently underwent an arthroscopy on both sides of the knee for a medial meniscus tear. When the nurses took my blood pressure and heart rate they were impressed, saying my results were close to those of a 20 year old! My explanation - I look after myself and take Reliv nutritional supplements.  

Speedy recovery: After the arthroscopy I was so pleased with my recovery, which appeared to be much better than the other people having the same procedure. I had no swelling, experienced no pain and didn’t even require crutches. Four days later all I needed was a sleeve over the knee to protect the wound and I was walking without a limp, which I never expected.

What’s next: Having recently sold and retired from the pizza shop I started in 1975, I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family and enjoying my hobbies whilst feeling great with Reliv nutrition! I’m keeping active with swimming twice a week and I jog or bike ride each morning for 30 minutes. When meeting people of my age I find it easy to share Reliv with them. When they see the energy and enthusiasm I still have for life, people always want to know more!

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