Joint Health

If you run, pivot or play, flexibility to exercise is vital to your continued mobility.


  • Offers a high quality protein consisting of 16 amino acids — the same amino acids that form the framework of human cartilage.
  • Increased absorption and utilization from Bioperine™, newly shown to have thermonutrient properties.
  • Special blend of 18 herbs including: Celery seed, Devil's Claw, Turmeric.
  • Contains no fat, no dietary fibre, and no cholesterol.


Product Brochure

A•affect Nutritional Panel

Discover the unique blend of ingredients that make this product unlike any other nutritional supplement today.


Download nutritional panel (PDF).


Features & Benefits

Feature: Glucosamine

Benefit: natural compound found to be effective in rebuilding cartilage, protecting against joint deterioration and promoting healthy joint function; also stimulates production of collagen, a key component of the fibrous substance that holds joints together.


Feature: Arthred®

Benefit: Hydrolyzed collagen protein (HCP); consists of the same series of amino acids that form the framework of human cartilage and are required for its generation.


Feature: Boswellin

Benefit: Herb used in Eastern medicine to help with joint and muscle swelling.


Feature: Ashwagandha

Benefit: Herb that reduces inflammation and relieves discomfort.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.





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